Mister D







“I have spent my career behind some of the best brands in the world, now I'm creating superbrands for the best fans in the world! This generation has a gigantic appetite- and that is who we satisfy with Ultra Access!”

Mister D is a pop-culture powerhouse, creative visionary, and legendary branding guru. When it comes to knowing what is hip, new and next, Mister D ought to know as he has his finger on the pulse of the global youth generation and what makes them tick. Envisioning brands is what Mister D enjoys doing best, and he brings the X factor every time.


Throughout his revered career Mister D's trademark was taking fashion brands off the runway and surrounding them with celebrities and the Hollywood vibe, putting them in front of television cameras, and closer to their fans. His talents were sought after early on and made him the secret weapon behind the success of elite global brands, his best known credits have since become iconic. Mister D blazed the trail, bringing fashion and beauty brands out of industry circles, onto the world stage; and to the tip of everyone’s tongue.