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On a mission to develop new, cutting-edge ventures for the world's biggest fans to gain the most access ever into their favorite fandoms.




ULTRA ACCESS, founded by visionary creator and iconic pop culture architect Mister D, is an American based company building global entertainment superbrands for superfans.

ULTRA ACCESS conceives, invests, manages, and scales its own properties. Hyper immersed in the digital age, its secret sauce lies in Mister D creating original, award-winning, category-killing pop-culture worlds for fans and enthusiasts to access the innermost core of their favorite fandoms. Then developing, and executing their rights across an array of engaging touchpoints--from shopping networks to social networks, malls to stadiums, mobile apps to live tours. Delivering the most exciting possible world and experiences for the fan first!

Prior to establishing ULTRA ACCESS, Mister D was the best-kept secret in brand creation, putting fashion labels on the map and elevating them to rock star status. Now, Mister D is bringing those same world-class sensibilities to ULTRA ACCESS, creating the next generation of tentpole entertainment brands destined to go viral.